UP 34611 'Berwick' bathtub coal gondola


  • Sketchup is used to design the gondola body and it has been 3D printed by Shapeways in 'HDA' material.
  • MTL or Bowswer Bucklers/Full Throttle roller bearing trucks with coupler
  • Detail parts are designed by me and professionally etched by PPD Ltd in Scotland
  • Black decals are self designed (using Open office draw) and home printed
  • White decals are self designed (using Open office draw) and printed by Decal winkel print shop in the Netherlands)
  • The UP symbol is build up with two white printed decals. The first decal is hand painted with blue and red. When dry, the second decal is applied on top.
  • Paint UP34611: Yellow Tamiya XF-3 (added a little red to get close to UP yellow) and black Tamiya X-18.
  • Light wethering is done with Vallejo pigments.

    Click on the picture to follow the link to my Google pictures album and see how it is done.