D&RGW 01501 Wide vision caboose.

The caboose is completely scratch build out of Evergreen styrene, except for the trucks and couplers.
Caboose 01501 is one of the first serie of wide vision D&RGW cabeese, which had the off-center copula.

  • Body is build out of Evergreen styrene sheet and strips
  • Modified AZL roller bearing trucks(coupler removed and spiral springs changed for leaf springs)
  • Body mounted MTL #903 couplers
  • Home designed decals, printed on a laser printer
  • Running boards are made out of used Lipton tea bag
  • Grab irons are made out of 0.25 mm phosphor bronze wire
  • Window safety bars (front and rear windows) are made out of 0.1 mm copper wire
  • Kristelklear windows
  • Paint: Tamiya primer, PollyS D&RGW yellow, Tamiya semi gloss black X-18, Tamiya Flat aluminium XF-16

Click on the picture to follow the link to my Google pictures album, and see how it is done.