D&RGW 3127 GP40-2.

See how I have converted the AZL GP38-2 into a D&RGW GP40-2:

  • started with an undecorated AZL GP38-2
  • adjusted dynamic brake covers
  • additional nose light (D&RGW)
  • top rebuild (fans etc)according GP40-2
  • opened door at the long hood side
  • step under the new rear door
  • small window in the long hood enineers side (in the 'R')
  • rounded edge underneeth top headlights
  • removed sharp edges of front windows
  • hand made handbrake in short hood
  • hand made cab roof antennas
  • hand made air tanks
  • hand made tank fill pipes
  • body mounted MTL #903 couplers
  • hand made closed pilots
  • hand made snow plow
  • hand made pilot connector
  • hand made walking plate at pilots
  • new bell and air tanks
  • hand made railings
  • BMLA sunshades,wipers, grab irons, fans and fan covers, mirrors, mu cables,lifting eyes, cut levers
  • home made decals
  • Kristelklear windows
  • paint: Tamiya primer, PollyS D&RGW yellow, Humbroll black 85

  • white LEDs covered with Tamiya X-26
  • thinner light fibers installed

    Some of these steps can also improve the look of a GP38-2.

Click the picture or next link to my Google pictures album: How is it done.