Project: D&RGW 149, SW1000.


  • Locomotive shell: scratchbuild out of Evergreen styrene strips and sheet.
  • Chassis: Chopped MTL GP35 chassis.
  • Handrails: brass (0.5 mm, filed flat) and phosphor bronze wire (0.25 mm).
  • Sunshades, window wipers: BMLA
  • Small grip brackets: leftover from ZTHEK.
  • Trucks: Modified MTL GP35 trucks
  • Couplers: Body mount MTL magne matic.
  • Decals: Home made negative artwork, printed on transparent decal paper.
  • Bell and horn: turned on a Dremmel clone.
  • Top and front grid on the hood: made out of a used Lipton Tea bag.
  • Window glazing: Kristal Klear.

Click next link to see how it was done: Building an SW1000 in Z-scale.