3d Printed Thrall coal gondola J301


  • Designed in Sketchup as a 'kit'.
  • Printed by shapeways in 'Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic'.
  • The car body shell is printed as a 5 parts 'kit' on a sprue.
  • Either MTL, Full Throttle, or AZL roller bearing trucks with coupler will fit under the car body.
  • Detail parts are designed by me and professionally etched by PPD Ltd in Scotland.
  • White decals are self designed using 'Open Office Draw' and printed by Decal winkel print shop in the Netherlands).
  • The PSCX 486, which is shown in the picture, has no wethering yet. It has just a satin clear coat to protect the decals.

    Click on the picture to follow the link to my Google pictures album, and see how it is done.