WIP D&RGW caboose 01479.

The caboose is completely scratch build out of styrene, except for the trucks and couplers.
Numbers 01470 to 01490 had a welded construction. 01400 to 01469 had a riveted construction.

  • Body is build out of Evergreen styrene sheet and strips
  • MTL Bettendorf truck
  • Body mounted MTL #903 couplers
  • Home designed decals
  • Decals are printed in white by StarCopy Apeldoorn NL. They simply swapped blank ink for white ink! link to StarCopy
  • (Tricky part was that the transparent decal paper had white back sheet.... )
  • Grab irons are made out of 0.25 mm phosphor bronze wire.

Click the picture to follow link to my Google pictures album, to see how it is done.