UP CA4 caboose.

Scratchbuild UP 25198 CA4 caboose.

  • Micro scale 60-35 'UP Freight Diesels w/Turbine, Straight Wings Grey & Yellow' for the UP and road number.
  • Microscale 60-70-5 70105 RR Gothic Letters & Numbers - Red for the small letters 'CA4'.
  • Microscale Kristal Klear for the window glazing.
  • Walk ways made out of a Lipton tea bag.
  • Grab irons and ladder steps are made of 0.25 mm phosphor bronse wire.
  • Ladder railing is flat sanded 0.5 mm brass wire.
  • Caboose body is made out of Evergreen styrene.
  • Trucks are modified MTL 004 02 040 904 Z black - Passenger Car Trucks (w/o Coupler).
  • Couplers MTL (905)Z-Nn3 Magne-Matic.
  • Paint Revell red 36, yellow 15 silver 91 and Humbrolblack 33.
  • Sealed the caboose body with Microscale flat.
  • Brass stack.
  • Two spare brake wheels from ED two-bay hopper kits.
  • Home made green and red lenses for the copula light (not working).
  • Home made UP slogan.
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