Last update: 21-10-2007

Steinbach is a small scale Z (1:220) model railway layout. (2400mm x 400mm)

My current model railway (still under construction) represents a small fictive railway station on a branch line, somewhere in the south of Germany, somewhere between the late sixties and the early seventies. In this time capture, I can run steam and diesel trains. Since there is no catenary on my layout, no electrical trains are running on this branch. For those who are familiar with "Deutsche Bundesbahn" roling stock, the BR050, BR38, BR52, BR78, BR216(Lollo), BR260, V100 and the rail bus can be seen on my layout.

The railway bridge over the river is a converted HO foot bridge from Pola. Because I do not like most commercially offered Z-scale buildings, I am trying to build them myself from styrene.
So far I have been building a signalbox, a goods shed and engine shed. With the scratchbuild turn table, I am able to turn the steam locomtives. The turn table is electrically operated, but rail alignment is done by sight.

Currently, I am converting my roling stock to MTL Magne Matic couplers.
In the Miba (11/97) you can see the difference.

Click here for more pictures of my Z-scale layout.